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Two New Phone Games have been added!

Sexy & Up Exclusive Phone Game:

New FREE Phone Game:

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What is that adorable little thing? It's the Kawaii Giving Tree! <3
Where is it? It's a secret! You're going to have to find it at hub!
I heard it gives you a gift when you talk to it!

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New Sexy Perk!
Introducing EMOJIS in the MINECRAFT CHAT!
You can now use real, colored emojis in the chat! This can be done by doing an emoticon normally, it'll be automatically changed into a real emoji!
You can also do it via shortcuts, which you'll find in game by doing /emojichat list.

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Introducing the Freedom of Expression update!
This was probably the most time consuming most frustrating update I've ever done, please fucking slit my throat.

All Ranks Sexy and up can now set their very own prefix to anything they'd like, and they can also choose what color their name shows up as above their head and in tab, it's quick, easy, and simple!
Just use the Donator Settings section in your OderCraft Menu which can be found in the first slot of your inventory on the server, it will give you a GUI to choose your prefix, and preferred color for Tab and over your head!

We've also changed our rank names, there are three levels of sexyness you can be, You could just be sexy, you could be sexier, or you could be the sexiest, no more need for extra ranks now that you can set your own prefixes and truly be able to express yourself on the server.

Soon, we will also make it so you guys will be able to have your own custom role on the discord server, or at least the color of your choice, we aren't sure yet.
Additonally we've patched up a few bugs and glitches and updated various things on the server that hadn't been touched for a few months.
Stay tuned for more updates and features! 

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