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Hello everyone, discord falsely disabled my account and the discord server is now gone as a result, (RIP 4,000 MEMBERS).

I will be creating a new Discord server soon, and I'm working harder now on getting the remastered server out, my father recently passed away and that's why it has been delayed a few weeks. For now, if you need to contact me you can do it through this website in a message or email me at

love you all
- daddy nut

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Two New Phone Games have been added!

Sexy & Up Exclusive Phone Game:

New FREE Phone Game:

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What is that adorable little thing? It's the Kawaii Giving Tree! <3
Where is it? It's a secret! You're going to have to find it at hub!
I heard it gives you a gift when you talk to it!

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New Sexy Perk!
Introducing EMOJIS in the MINECRAFT CHAT!
You can now use real, colored emojis in the chat! This can be done by doing an emoticon normally, it'll be automatically changed into a real emoji!
You can also do it via shortcuts, which you'll find in game by doing /emojichat list.

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