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IGN: Dictator1031
By Dictator1031 » over 3 years ago
Minecraft Username:
-Age: Born January 6th 2000, making me 18 years of age.
-Rank: Sexiest (Sexy+)
-Gender: I consider myself a male however, I accept all people for who they are.
-What makes you want to be staff?: What makes me want to be staff is my will to help others at all times and be a positive influence for everyone around me.
-Do you have a microphone and discord?: I do have a working microphone and discord to chat with ally types of great people!
-Are you familiar with basic minecraft commands?: Absolutely! I've been playing Minecraft since about 2010 (about 8 years) therefore I have learned many things about commands over the years.
-How many hours do you have on the server? (Do /playtime on the server): Right now I have 3d 8h 49m and 57s played, with a Times Joined of 547. I expect to have these numbers going up in the future as I love this server. 
-Have you been staff before on other servers? If so, are you currently a staff member for another server now? (Show proof): When I was REALLY bid into Minecraft I was ranked many different staff ranks on countless server, however this was back in like 2012 and unfortunately I have absolutely no proof. I do promise that I am experienced in certain situations regarding staff positions.
-How often are you on the server?: I am on every single day, for about an hour at a time on average. The only reason I get off is either I have to go to work or my family needs me.
-Why do you think you're suitable for staff?: I am suitable for staff because I am a legal adult who shows maturity and respect even in stressful situations. I am also suitable because I have kept the same job in real life for two years, showing I am reliable and trustworthy for my position. My final reason is that, I have made a lot of friends on Odercraft from being on so much that we have like a small family, Odercraft needs that kind of tight-knit community to run smoothly, that is the biggest offer I bring to the table. I respect all other players and I think they respect me too.
-What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?: My greatest weakness would be that, when times get difficult, I may tend to stress out a little bit. However, that is one of the easiest fixes. I just have to take one deep breath and focus on the task at hand, I guarantee it will get done. My biggest strength is that I'm super sociable and easy to talk to. Anyone can ask me anything and I'm sure we'll have a great time over it as I find everything to have it's own little joke in it no matter what.
-If accepted, do you understand that you can be demoted at any time if we feel you're unfit for staff? Absolutely! I believe at anytime you should be able to deem anyone unfit no matter the circumstance. Thank you so much for your time and may I say well done with Odercraft!


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IGN: hotnut
By hotnut » over 3 years ago