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IGN: Scorpion720
By Scorpion720 » 4 months ago
 Minecraft Username:Scorpion720
 Age:am 16 Years old
Why I want to be Staff: I want to be staff because I really enjoy helping people I hate when some dosent know what to do or where to go cause that was once me and a staff helped me know everything so from that day on I want to help anyone who needs help as much as I can.
Do you have a microphone and discord: Yes i have both a Mic and discord my discord is Tiffany80976#9160
Are you familiar with basic commands: Yes I am familiar basic commands because I use to run a mine craft server it’s was not big it was just for my friends so I know all the basic commands.
How many hours have you been on the server: 2D 36M 31Z but I’m going to play more in the future.
Previous Staff Experience: yes I used to be a admin for my friends server but sadly it shut down and I was a helper for mineplex but then I had to leave because I was really busy with school and I felt that I was hogging the helper rank so I just dropped it and I use to run my own server.
How much do I play on the server: I normally play about 3-4 hours a day on the server
Why am I suitable for staff: I think I’m suitable for the position of staff because I’m very active play and I really like interacting with other people and talking to them.
Strength and Weaknesses: My strengths are that I’m caring and really respectful, super nice and chill. My weaknesses are that I procrastinate a lot and I’m also lazy irresponsible sometime and clumsy.
If I’m accept II have to understand that I’m unfit for staff and will immediately demoted: I do understand that I feel like that’s fair if I’m unfit I think I should not be a staff cause other people who are fit might be better then me and I can accept that.

Thank you for  taking the time to read my application I hope you take mines into consisderation.