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IGN: 0reoo
By 0reoo » 3 months ago
-Minecraft Username: My Minecraft username is 0reoo.
-Age: I am currently 16 years old, born on December 13, 2002. (I put a different birth date on my registration though)
-Rank: I am Sexy rank on the server. 
-Gender: I am pretty sure that I am Male the last time I checked.
-What makes you want to be staff?: I believe I would do a good job as a staff member since I have always been a keen worker and am motivated by my passion for the game, and also for interacting with other people all around the world. I enjoy helping players and, I believe that I am able to apply my skill set to particular situations while achieving complete player satisfaction and enjoyment. I love to share my knowledge with others, in any kind of department.
-Do you have a microphone and discord?: Yes, I indeed have a microphone for discord. In specific detail a white blue snowball.
-Are you familiar with basic Minecraft commands?: Yes, I am familiar with most Minecraft commands since I have been playing Minecraft since alpha.
-How many hours do you have on the server? (Do /playtime on the server): I am currently new to this server and community with 20 hours and 47 minutes, but I am enjoying every second of it talking to people and making friends, and can't wait to put more time into this server looking forward to it! :)
-Have you been staff before on other servers? If so, are you currently a staff member for another server now? (Show proof): I have helped with some servers back in the day but not as a staff member but just helping new servers.
-How often are you on the server?: Like I said am new to this server and community and am willing to put lots of my time into this server, I am available every weekend for 5 hours a day (minimum), In weekdays, I am available at least 4 hours a day, 4 out of 5 days. But of course, my availability can vary according to the server's needs.
-Why do you think you're suitable for staff?: I think I am suitable for staff because I can guarantee 100% dedication and focus to the tasks I am given, thinking first on the server, and only on then me. While being a very active staff member that can help any player with any doubt that might exist, and I pledge then even not knowing the answer to the problem, I will do my best to find a solution. and I already know the rules, the tasks staff have to fulfill when dealing with a specific situation, and when and how to enforce a punishment.
-What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?: I have a very low self-esteem and take what others say and do to me very personally. Of course this comes with extreme over thinking and at times toxic behavior. but since I have dealt with this my whole life, I have learned how to control it. I play baseball in high school which has already taught me how to be a better leader and develop a great sense of responsibility. I also learned to hear what people have to say, argue respectfully, and express my opinions and points of view clearly.
-If accepted, do you understand that you can be demoted at any time if we feel you're unfit for staff? Yes I do understand that anyone can be let go at any time whether it be someone resigning, quitting, or being fired but I want to make a good change to this server even if it means something like this ever happens to me.