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IGN: Austin_1203
By Austin_1203 » 8 months ago
-Minecraft Username:
-What makes you want to be staff?:
-Do you have a microphone and discord?:
-Are you familiar with basic minecraft commands?:
-How many hours do you have on the server? (Do /playtime on the server):
-Have you been staff before on other servers? If so, are you currently a staff member for another server now? (Show proof):
-How often are you on the server?:
-Why do you think you're suitable for staff?:
-What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?:
-If accepted, do you understand that you can be demoted at any time if we feel you're unfit for staff?

Hi, my Minecraft name is Austin_1203. I am currently fourteen years old, I will be fifteen in December. I am a sexy rank member on the Minecraft server. I am a Male. I would love to be staff on this server because I honestly love helping people when I can, I love to help with pretty much anything. I try to devote a lot of time to this Minecraft server. Yes, I have a microphone and a discord which can be found here ►GodHimself#7777 . I am familiar with the basic Minecraft commands, even some complex ones (e.g. /scoreboard, /fill, /summon, /kill @e commands to kill specific mobs in the game upon getting approved if I may use the command, /give, ). I currently have 6 days, and 2 hours on the game, however, I have played a lot more in the past couple years. No, I am not a staff on any other server currently, unless you count Roblox game staff. I am on the server about 3-9 hours a day per week, this is how much on the weekdays, I play a lot more on the weekends. I believe I am suitable for staff because I am helpful, kind, caring, and understanding. My greatest strength would have to be helping people because seeing people be happy makes me happy, and my greatest weakness would have to be spelling because I am not that equipped on the spelling of certain words, I am only fourteen after all. I fully understand if I get demoted at any time as I am accepting of things that happen. However, I would be sad, but then again, Life is sad. Another thing you should know about me, is that I am very sarcastic at times. If needed, I can also provide references that I am a real nice guy. I tend to say "Creeper, Aww man" a lot, which is the main reason why my nickname is CreeperKing. The character count might be a bit under, but that is mainly because I am currently writing this in paragraph form, so the spaces and enters would count as characters. I have helped many people on the server, and I plan to continue helping people. I believe I would make a fantastic additional member of the staff team. If you're reading this, Hey! I hope that you have a magnificent rest of your day (or night). I look forward to potentially becoming a staff member. I am willing to devote most of my time to this job and the Minecraft server. I can solve problems that people may have, For example, Say someone asks "How do you get the sexy rank?" I would say "You would type /buy and then click the NameTag icon, and then you would click the link in chat, and then fill out your payment details, and then confirm purchase if you are looking to buy it. Then once you buy it, you should have access to the sexy settings in the odercraft menu. I also consider myself a good friend to Penguin.