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By HenBOMBx » 6 months ago
Minecraft Username: HenBOMBx (IGN)
Age:  My current chronicle age is 17, born December 7th 2001 [7/12/01]. My birthday is tomorrow!!  I'll turn 18!
Rank: My current rank is Oder and i am applying for Developer.
Gender: Male.

What makes you want to be staff?
I absolutely love working as a developer, it's been my inspiration for many years now and it is something that i will not stop doing. Working with other minecraft and discord server owners is what i do as a hobby, sometimes it becomes a full time job, when i'm not dealing with collage tests and homework, which totally sucks.
I want to become staff because this is my favorite place to be in and can always benefit it in many ways, as a developer, i see the issues, flaws and success's that a server has, from many perspectives and what i can do to help out, fix issues and improve.
I can help with server management, moderation and plugin construction (still learning but i suck at it for now), i can code from discord bots, using Heroku and Visual Studio Code for bot development and Sequelize as a database for it. I can also code video games and web applications using the Unity3D game engine (C#). Web applications, of course that includes knowing how to code in JavaScript, HTML-5 & CSS. I am of course a night owl, I can work on improving the server late at night when there aren't many players that would interfere with the changes (fixes and improvements) that i make. I can also design algorithms, not that it will come in handy any soon, but it's good to know about them.
I also love helping out different servers and their communities, so they can achieve their full potential. I can provide several ideas and professional criticism on what should be improved on. BTW, good job with /plugins, it’s so cool!

Do you have a microphone and discord?
I not own a PC microphone but i do use my phone and headphones with one built in to go on and VC. My username is HenBOMB#8546.
I can use my main account to screen-share if necessary.

Are you familiar with basic minecraft commands?
Yes, absolutely. I know every command by heart, from basically every essential and fundamental plugin that a server can have, to every version specific command (also command blocks). If in the case that i don't know a command. Then i will do research on the plugin to further note what the commands are for it.
I'm also familiar with plugin permission nodes.

How many hours do you have on the server? (Do /playtime on the server)
My current playtime is: [6h-42m-14s]. This isn't much, but because I've just finished taking my school tests which consumed most of my time. Now, I am done with those and have some free time to help others and join new staff teams. And my playtime will definitely increase.

Have you been staff before on other servers? If so, are you currently a staff member for another server now? (Show proof)
Yes, i have been staff on plenty of other servers, most of which i had to give up on, because school consumed most of my time, so I couldn't maintain a solid position. Some including LemonCloud as a Moderator and MineSplash as a Chat-Moderator.
I am currently part of personnel in the following servers:
    - RosenCraft Manager - Discord (an avant garde that 
I started with some friends friends)
    - Berserk-MC Moderator - Discord (proof)
    - Velnex / Developer - Discord (proof)
    - ValaneMC Developer - Discord (proof)
    - Lunar Management / Co-Owner & Dev - Discord (proof)
More proof can be requested via my Dm's on discord

How often are you on the server?
Well, i can be online at any time, I'm usually around talking to everyone i see, or at least i try to, which is something that i also love doing.  For now, I can be online for at least 1-2 hours per day. I am on daily, usually at night, after school class. My timezone is: UTC (GMT/Zulu) -> Argentine (Buenos Aires).

Why do you think you're suitable for staff?
Definitely! I have been and are staff in many successful servers and I can provide all sorts of help, from setting up plugins to checking compatibility, developing discord bots, reducing chat spam to improve RP experience, enhancing the player's game-play experience, managing a server. And as i mentioned before, I can provide lots of help, obviously under your orders & management or under a superior staff.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
I do not have many weaknesses, I could say that my great weakness is that i have a rough time engaging in a conversation, although I love talking to people a lot, i do find it quite hard to maintain a flowing conversation and to start a one. I suck at programming in CSS.
I do have a lot of strengths: I've worked as a developer for almost 1 whole year, i know how to professionally manage it, I can design and code discord bots, design web pages, enhance the player's game-play experience, fix bugs-errors-problems that the server has. I am a trustworthy person, i don't grief, troll or make people unhappy.
I can make people laugh and have a good time and i play the violin quite well and practice a martial arts called Hapkido, which is Korean and stands for: HAP as in coordination, KI as in energy and DO as in path. Funny because HAP is my initials to my full name! . I can code in several languages, some being PythonC# and Javascript, i'm not very good at HTML-5 but it's good enough to pass, and i suck at CSS as i mentioned earlier, but google handles this pretty well.

If accepted, do you understand that you can be demoted at any time if we feel you're unfit for staff?
Yes, i do understand completely if you have to be capricious, you will have total control over my role as developer. I do understand if i am unfit for this kind of position and i will definitely try to improve my flaws. I will never do things behind anyone's back. I will always report everything i do, the owner and any other staff member higher rank than a Developer. Everything, under your confirmation.

Thank you taking the time out of your day and reading this mighty staff application!
Best of luck, Henry.

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