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IGN: PolarNathan
By PolarNathan » 2 months ago

-Minecraft Username: PolarNathan.

Hello Nut, as you know I was demoted today due to my childish and selfish actions. I joined an argument that I had no need in join, but I was trying to help. As Admin I was trying to resolve and stop the problem, In fact the arguing was flooding chat and I saw that as breaking the rules( spamming) .One of the other reasons I believe I was demoted was not controlling my anger, when it came to getting of the server. I claimed "Whatever, I'm  headed off because nut is riding this traps dick." I apologize for this and ask for forgiveness.  For the false banning on Sracewill, I banned due to being a pedophile. As much as we hating using that word on the server,Sracewill was 27 year old hitting on 17 year old. I have proof and in fact the 17 year old acted like a 14 year old. This adult male was willing to get nudes from a 14 year old, at the age of 27. I tried contacting you, but couldn't get a hold of you. After banning him the entire server was greatful, but it was a false ban and I see what I did wrong. For proof of the pedophile please contact me on discord. After going through this punishment I realized what I did, wrong. I will act more mature when it comes to being a staff on this server and hope you can forgive me. I think I am qualified for a few reasons, I have been staff on this  servers before and have always helped others and tried to lead as a role model and as a good example to others. I have supported situation that have gotten out of hand it a fashion I think has always been appropriate.