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IGN: DaggerDudeMC
By DaggerDudeMC » 12 months ago
I was going to do an alt prank and I got banned for apparent "Ban Evasion" btw I was NOT banned before. This was just supposed to be a joke!!!! Also just a side note, Creeper_Tamer is abusing his power to ban me and I tried so many times to explain it to him and he just banned me and banned me and banned me!!! I think he should be demoted for not listening to what I was trying to tell him. I just wanted to do a stupid little prank of mine and that abusive jerk creeper_tamer just will not take a joke. I was not ban evading, I was just setting up a prank and of course it failed because no one likes to listen to a prankster like me anymore do they? And ik I sound a bit rude right now but ITS THE TRUTH. Ok ok ok I'm sorry about the last part but Creeper_Tamer if you see this I want you to know I was not ban evading and it was just a fucking joke and I think you should learn how to take one for once. Anyways, see you later!!! BYEEEEEEEEE! btw gg to llllgf for manager rank.