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IGN: myrrhical
By myrrhical » 9 months ago
I was banned on the server in November/December last year by 'uwu_awoo' for being "being bad xD". I don't know what this staff members problem is, I had been on the server for just over 2 years at this point and have never had a reoccurring problem with someone up until now, I've acted the same way as I always have and they have some sort of issue with me. They would start confrontations with me and when I talk back, I was always threatened with a ban, despite me not even saying the first thing. I got fed up with this and said they needed real help (I even stated that I'm making such a statement not out of spite, but out of genuine concern) because it's not normal behaviour. I'm not sure if this staff member is young or something (Wouldn't fully excuse their behaviour, but it'd make more sense I guess) but after 2 years of playtime on the server, to be banned by a confrontational child who's on a bit of a power trip/tantrum is ridiculous. I have never gone out my way to hurt anyone, but I'm not going to sit back when people are making comments about myself. Thank you