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IGN: Plexury
By Plexury » about 1 year ago
-Minecraft Username: Plexury
-Age: 16
-Rank: Sexy
-Gender: Male
-What makes you want to be staff?: there's too many abusive staff and I want to set the record straight by not being an abusive dickhead. Also there is not enough staff on the hours that I play so I can moderate when most are inactive.
-Do you have a microphone and discord?: Yes
-Are you familiar with basic minecraft commands?: Yes
-How many hours do you have on the server? (Do /playtime on the server): 634 hours
-Have you been staff before on other servers? If so, are you currently a staff member for another server now? (Show proof): No
-How often are you on the server?: a couple of hours a day
-Why do you think you're suitable for staff?: I am not impulsive, I listen fairly and I do not abuse power when I have it. I am reasonable and I'm not Mika. 
-What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?: I am patient, I have a lot of time to spare for this, and I am levelheaded. On the other hand, I do not have tolerance for incompetent people, however, I wouldn't ban them unless they broke a rule
-If accepted, do you understand that you can be demoted at any time if we feel you're unfit for staff? yes