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IGN: hotnut
By hotnut » over 2 years ago
Full list of perks for Sexy Rank:
- Special Pink Heart Symbol in chat
- Create server-wide polls (/poll)
- Colored Chat & Nickname
- Set unlimited homes (/sethome)
- Permission to build in Build World 
- Toggle people being able to /tpa you (/tptoggle)
- Access to realistic drivable cars (/carlist & /getcar)
- Fun Particle Effects (/pp)
- WorldEdit (
- Realistic Furniture Models in Build World (/furniture list & /furniture give)
- Disguise as Mobs (/idg)
- Catch mobs with eggs in survival
- Access to realistic drivable motorcycles and planes (/bikelist & /getbike, /planelist & /getplane)
- ForceField to keep other players away (/ff)
- Unique Glowing Effect (/glow)
- Ability to create Launch Pads (/lpcreate)
- $300 every 10 minutes
- Ability to Change Gamemode (/gamemode)
- Unique broadcast when joining the server 
- Access to all of the Board Games at Hub
- Ability to use Emojis in chat 
- Ability to set prefix to anything you want (Found in Donator Settings in the OderCraft Flower Menu)
- Access to fly (/fly)
- Ability to change color of name overhead and in tab (Found in Donator Settings in the OderCraft Flower Menu)
- Access to heal (/heal)
- Permission to dab (/dab)
- Access to repair tools and armor (/repair)
- Portable enderchest (/enderchest)
- Permission to wear any block as a hat (/hat) 
- Can save chatrooms 
- Realistic Cigarette Effect (/rc)
- Knock entire tree downs with one hit in Survival
- Double Jump [Kiss Battle Only]
- All projectiles have heart particle trails (Snowballs, bows, eggs)
- 100k claim blocks per claim in Build World and Survival (Simply interact with the signs at the Survival and Build World Spawns)
These Pets: 
Bat, Blaze, Cave Spider, Cow, Creeper, Enderman, Endermite, Donkey, Mule, Iron Golem, Magma Cube, Mushroom Cow, Ocelot, Pig, Pig Zombie, Rabbit, Sheep, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Stray, Slime, Snowman, Spider, Squid, Wolf, Zombie, Husk, Vex, Vindicator, Illusioner, Evoker, Guardian, Elder Guardian, Horse, Zombie Horse, Skeleton Horse, Llama, Parrot, Polar Bear, Villager
You can also see a list of perks that is less detailed and has images showing them off on our store.